Qlik Sense shortcuts that will make you shout

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sierpień 29, 2019

Qlik Sense shortcuts that will make you shout

  • Holding SHIFT while drag-and-dropping a column from Fields menu into a sheet saved me a lot of frustration after the Chart Suggestions have been added to Qlik Sense
  • The ‘swedish taste’ of Qlik is still present in the software despite the fact Qlik is no longer a swedish company. If you accept it’s sometimes a little different, you will love it as much as your Volvo
  • Yet, there are still some disappointing gaps as e.g. missing useful shortcuts or those do not work


1 Holding SHIFT to drop a column in a Filter Pane

My recent discovery of the ‘Hold SHIFT while drag-and-drop your column into a sheet’ rule made me so happy as a first sip of a cold caipirinha with a fresh lime during hot summer. I guess, some of you Guys – building shiny apps – share my feelings. I almost got crazy every time I did with an intention of placing a Filter on my sheet. It worked that way, before Chart suggestions have been implemented. From that moment, when you do it without holding your SHIFT –  you get a table. Don’t like it. That’s why SHIFT immediately became one of my favorite keys.

2 CTRL+E – turn to Edit mode and back

Maybe it’s not a breathtaking thing, but still quite convenient while designing your app.

3 CTRL+ -> and CTRL + <- go to next \ previous sheet using cursors

Watch a video on DataMiners YT channel


Need a more space for script and less distractors … I strongly recommend using

4 CTRL + 0 + 0

Real Magic! Sample script to generate random database for testing purpose.

5 ALT + F11

This will hide both – right pane (Sections) and left pane (Data connections). Click once more to get back.

6 ALT+F9 and ALT+F10

In theory you can hide either the left panel (ALT+F9) or right panel (ALT+F10) . In practice – sadly, it doesn’t work


Reload data. I’m pretty sure you would prefer CTRL+R. Anyway, this one doesn’t work either …

8 ALT+ PageUP and AND ALT + PageUp

Those two work! Small thing but I like it – you move one section up or down


Apart from these described above, there are numerous other shortcuts, usually quite obvious as they work same way as in Windows.

  • CTRL+S – Save app
  • CTRL+Z – undo
  • CTRL+Y – redo


Unfortunately, so far,  Qlik has not provided other useful shortcuts as e.g.:

  • open Data Model Viewer – in reference to CTRL+T to display Table Viewer in QlikView
  • open Data Load Editor – in reference to CTRL+E in QlikView
  • select All objects – CTRL+A – that works in script only to select all


You can find a list of all Qlik Sense shortcuts categorized by interfaces in Qlik Help.

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