Trainings: QlikView, Qlik Sense, Advanced Data Visualizations

We do not teach software. We’ll teach you how to answer your business questions and solve your business problems with dedicated software.
Our curriculum for Qlik trainings is based on Case Studies. The ultimate goal of our trainings is to equip our Attendees with relevant knowledge and skills which help them answer the key question: “How can I solve this problem and present it in an attractive way?”. We educate our Clients according to David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle. We encourage our training Participants to experiment and play with data, visualizations and analytics, leading them to reflection. Then we transfer our knowledge they have to immediately apply to practice.
The exceptional training experience is provided thanks to unique combination of relevant trainer’s education (Train-the-Trainers, Business Intelligence) and his multicultural experience in training delivery for the Fortune 500 global brands.


Consulting is offered in three areas - implementation, analytics and advisory. We offer comprehensive services - from in-depth business analysis, through implementation and project management to maintenance and further development. If you lack analytical competencies in your company, we can provide you with knowledge hidden in your systems. You can either receive periodic reports, conclusions, recommendations or take an advantage of a specific data analytics project. In this scenario we can conduct e.g. Customer Analysis including segmentation (e.g. RFM \ RFV analysis), Churn Analysis and any other tailored to your needs. This will provide you with invaluable knowledge you can easily commercialize. If you have already started with Business Intelligence. we'll help you to make right choices, plan the implementation and analytics development in your company.

New Business Solutions

We also design end-to-end solutions based on analytics – we collect, model, visualize and analyze your data. Perhaps, you only have an interesting idea for a new analytics solution. You have neither the data, nor the system that collects them. We will complete a comprehensive project for you including data collection, analysis and attractive presentation layer. Example? Do you play football? Maybe your children train in a football academy. For one of them, we have prepared an application collecting data on their progress. Based on that, we have also created a solution that allows analyzing data by trainers, branch managers and academy owners.