Coronavirus – full data set you can use as you want

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January 10, 2020


Coronavirus pandemic has led us to unprecedented global crisis affecting societies, economies, financial markets. In the middle of this mess, there is one thing we can do as data experts: help other people understand what happens, where we are and what comes next. Therefore I decided to collect and point at some valuable resources you can easily use for that purpose.


1 Full data set with key epidemic measures, by country, day by day.

Source: WHO\OurWorldInData. Read more.

Total confirmed cases
Total deaths
New confirmed cases
New deaths
Full dataset


2 Key Numbers – Worldometers

Quick overview of coronavirus numbers grouped by countries – new cases, active cases, etc. Live update.

3 WHO – daily reports 


4 Review of Qlik applications published by Qlik Community



Feel free to comment, add links if you found another interesting ones.

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